Hello girls!
Today on the blog I wanted to talk about Bijouteria , an online website where you can make your low cost shopping of rings, bracelets, piercings, earrings, plugs, fake plugs, jewelry for the feet, necklaces, pendants and also a section that I really like called "Gangas" in which you can find great bargains.

My online order to Bijouteria:

What I asked for now why I have in mind to ask for many more things is this beautiful bracelet with steel chain and a nice heart, its price is € 25.60 but ... segui r reading that there is surprise.
It seems to me ideal to carry on any occasion, if close although it does not look like it is quite safe and it looks very nice.
The shipment is very fast as soon as I'm late 48 hours, the shipments are FREE from 22 euros, and in the case that it stops you customs they are responsible for the payment.
You also have 14 days to return any item, they send to ALL THE WORLD, one of the forms of payment they have is Paypal for me the best and the best thing is that now with this discount code of bijouteria 630-587 you have everything with a 50% discount.
What do you think? my order to bijouteria ? Kisses